How is it possible you need to take paid lessons and TWO tests to legally drive a car but you can raise a child with absolutely ZERO knowledge?!
Laura M., mum and
All About Parenting graduate

Just £170 per month
(about half the cost of an after-school activity)

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Learn how to raise a child who believes in their own strengths.
“My child has low self-esteem.”
“My child gives up easily and starts crying when something doesn’t work out.”
“My child doesn’t see things through.”
“My child doesn’t stand up for themselves.”
Learn how to raise a confident child who believes in their abilities. Foster in them a healthy sense of self-worth without turning them into a self-obsessed show-off. Find out what it takes to raise a child who doesn’t give up easily and knows how to get things done – whether it’s a puzzle or a challenging bit of homework. Nurture the skills that will serve your child a lifetime.
“You’re a bad mum. I hate you!”
“I don’t love you anymore!”
“Just leave me alone!”
Is your kid shouting at you and even hitting you almost on a daily basis? Discover what lies behind your little one’s outbursts of rage and how to prevent them from happening. Stop using old-school techniques that don’t work. Teach your child to get on top of their emotions without driving you up the wall. Uncover a treasure trove of techniques to help you be patient whatever the situation throws at you.

Just £170 per month
(about half the cost of an after-school activity)

journey through
the program
the journey from “where I am now” to
“the best parent I can be for my child”
Your 10-month journey
to being a better parent
or how to go from ‘accidental parenting’ to being

‘the BEST parent you can be for your child’

Chapter 1 - All About Parenting
You start Chapter 1 The A-Z of Parent-Child Cooperation.
Learn how to handle your kid’s most common refusals quickly and calmly (think thumb sucking, refusing to turn off the tablet or even wearing inappropriate clothes to school).
You begin Chapter 2 – How to be a Balanced Parent.
The key to being a Balanced Parent is to understand your child’s 3 Basic Psychological Needs. Create a plan for your child and find out how your child’s brain is growing and changing and how that affects you. 
Every Parenting Question You’ll Ever Have? Answered - All About Parenting
Every Parenting Question You’ll Ever Have? Answered
If you’re stuck for inspiration or have a burning issue that you can’t solve, it’s easy. Just write your question under the relevant episode and Patrick Ney and the All About Parenting team will answer it. Learn from the answers to other parents’ questions. You’re never alone on your journey to being a Balanced Parent.
Every Parenting Question You’ll Ever Have? Answered
Chapter 3 - All About Parenting
Time to start Chapter 3 – Nurturing Self-Esteem and Optimal Motivation.
Learn what to do to nourish your child’s self-esteem and the essential steps that lead to motivation and performance. This chapter will transform your ability to raise your child to be successful and happy.
Chapter 4 - All About Parenting
On to Chapter 4 – Raising a Competent and Responsible Child.
Discover how much freedom you should be giving your child to raise a well-balanced and responsible future adult. You’re going to learn 14 powerful techniques to help you supercharge your child’s skills, competence and abilities.
Chapter 5 - All About Parenting
You start Chapter 5 – Top Methods for Getting Kids to Cooperate.
Balanced Parenting means you’ll have your child’s cooperation without resorting to rewards or punishments. You’re now well on your way to avoiding shouting or bribing and you have your child’s cooperation to boot!
Chapter 6 - All About Parenting
Start Chapter 6 – How to Solve Problems and Make Decisions.
Problems? Parents got a lot of ‘em! But you’ll finally be able to decide which ones are yours and which belong to your kid. You’ll equip your child with the skills to understand and solve problems. And your life just got a lot easier 😉
Chapter 6.2 - All About Parenting
Solve conflicts between children
Do you often find yourself yelling at your children to stop fighting? How to Solve Arguments Between Kids
is a bonus short course that you’ll receive as a gift. You’ll learn exactly when to intervene and what to say to ensure your kids take ownership of their disagreements and squabbles.
Solve conflicts between children
Chapter 7 - All About Parenting
Now on to Chapter 7 – How to Manage Emotions.
Here, you’ll see how to avoid arguing with your children and other people. Teach your children to manage their emotions so you can nip tantrums in the bud and avoid meltdowns. Use powerful techniques to reduce the stress you feel in your body and relationships.
Chapter 8 - All About Parenting
You’re now at Chapter 8 – Was it on purpose? Handling Challenging Behaviour.
Learn how to spot the difference between intentional and unintentional negative behaviours. Become a pro at preventing your kid’s challenging behaviours whatever their age. Understand how to focus on your child’s growth and responsibility.
Chapter 9 - All About Parenting
You begin Chapter 9 — Growing Responsibility in Your Kid: Discipline and Consequences.
When you discipline your child using punishment, threats and shouting you teach them that’s the best way to live. Then… they use the same punishments on YOU. Time for a radical new approach. Learn how to raise your child to be responsible for their decisions and behaviours using discipline based on consequences.
Chapter 10 - All About Parenting
You begin Chapter 10 — How to Nurture Family Harmony.
Learn to speak the same language as all the adults raising your child. Discover powerful methods from leading thinkers that will transform your relationships with your partner or other loved ones. Find out what to do when you’re in public places or when someone else criticises your parenting.
Disclaimer: All the above descriptions may vary depending on (1) the moment you join the programme (2) the initial offer received.
About Patrick Ney,
All About Parenting Lead Trainer

Patrick Ney is the father of 2 wonderful girls and is probably the most active parenting expert in the UK.

Patrick is the Lead Trainer at All About Parenting, the only parenting methodology based on the latest research in the science of motivation, such as Self-Determination Theory. He has several international accreditations as a Facilitator, Coach and Trainer.

In the past 5 years, Patrick and the All About Parenting team have organised over 2,000 free seminars, conferences and intensive workshops for more than 600,000 parents from around the world.

Select information from hundreds of books, all neatly packaged for you

Sometimes, you just need an extra set of hands and twice as many hours a day so you can check off everything on your to-do list. Before you get a chance to finish that parenting book sitting on the bedside table or understand what’s happening with your child at each stage of their development, you blink and realise that your little one is all grown up.

This is your chance to receive not only information but a complete methodology based on the latest research in motivational psychology. You can adapt it to almost any parenting problem. These are easy-to-apply techniques you can refer back to again and again.

Speak the same language
as your co-parent

You’ve no doubt discovered that you and your partner have slightly different views on raising children. In this programme, you’ll learn how to handle situations where the other parent has a different parenting style. Take the necessary steps to avoid conflict and restore balance to your relationship.

Think about it his way: If you two can’t agree, what sort of example are you setting for your child?

Punishment is NOT the solution, unless you want to raise a child who’s out of sync with the modern world. But the other extreme – giving in to your children, letting them do whatever they want, whenever they want – isn’t serving them any better. So what can you do?

Over 90% of parents lose their temper, falling back on methods that do not deal with their child’s negative behaviours correctly. In the long run, these parenting mistakes can destroy a child’s self-esteem, leading them to become insecure adults who are unfulfilled in their relationships.

All About Parenting shows you what to do instead of punishing. Turn mistakes into learning opportunities. Discover techniques that will make the “job” of being a parent feel like a breeze.

What parents say about the programme

Follow the yellow-brick road to
your child’s cooperation

You tell them to turn off the TV and they start screaming or crying. On a good day they may only try and get more screen time out of you. Demands to pick up the toys are greeted with: “I don’t want to! You do it!”. It’s lunch time and your child is pestering you for a plate of fries instead of your healthy soup. They won’t accept your refusals and every day feels like a minefield littered with “No!”s, whining, endless negotiations and intermittent tears (sometimes even Oscar-worthy performances!).

Instead of putting your head in your hands and crying too, learn proven techniques that work and can help you turn your child’s “No!” into a “Yes”.

for the first month of the
All About Parenting programme
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(13 installments)

Just £45 the first month

Then £170 £85 / month for 12 months

Total saving: £1145


Just £2210 £980

Total saving: £1230
100% money-back guarantee for 60 days

You have 60 days to test the programme. If you watch the video episodes, put the techniques into practice and don’t get the results you want or feel that, for whatever reason, these methods don’t suit you, we’ll refund your money (all of it).

If you opt to pay in instalments, your programme will automatically have recurring payment enabled. This means that on the due date, your card will automatically be charged for the next instalment, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted access to the programme. Interrupting your instalment payment will result in your access being temporarily suspended until the next payment is received.

Frequently Asked Questions
No, but they will be available via the Parents app on your smartphone. The app will take you straight to the video episode where you left off the last time.
No. All episodes remain in your account in Parents App. You can even re-watch everything a second and third time (many parents do that).
No, the All About Parenting programme is personal. The access details cannot be shared with others.
You have 60 days to test the programme. If you watch the video episodes, put the techniques into practice and don’t get the results you want or feel that, for whatever reason, these methods don’t suit you, we’ll refund your money (all of it).
If you have not been able to go through a chapter that month or you have fallen behind, you can catch up at your own pace.
Yes. However, you will miss out on the special offer you have when joining the programme (and will pay the standard price for the rest of the instalments).
You can ask any question under each of the programme’s video episodes. These questions need to be related to that particular episode. Any questions that are not related to that episode’s subject will be removed to keep the answers relevant for all programme members. Another advantage is that you can see the questions that all our programme members have posted so you can learn as much from them and the answers they received as from the video episodes.

Going through Chapter 1 is like reading the first chapter of a book. You certainly get an idea of what it’s like, and you can decide if you want more. But you cannot pretend to know everything about the book.

Likewise, we think that you need to go through the whole programme to grasp the All About Parenting methodology and to truly see results in the relationship you have with your child. After all, that is what you want, isn’t it?

No, the programme comes as a whole. All About Parenting offers you a complete methodology that will help you to become an independent parent. This means that you create your own methods, without the need to call on advice from your mum, a neighbour or from Patrick. We don’t believe that this is possible after a single chapter, as the techniques are interlinked.
Check your email because as soon as you register, you will receive an email with the details of how to start the programme. You may have to wait 5-10 minutes – sometimes the emails arrive a little late. However, if you have still not received an email after 10 minutes (and there’s nothing in the Spam folder), please get in touch with us.
Payment in instalments is only available for card payments. But it couldn’t be simpler. Your account will be debited every month for the next 13 months and you will automatically receive access to the next chapter’s video episodes in your account.
Yes, as you work your way through the programme’s video episodes, we will send you other materials and surprise gifts that will help you to put what you learn in the programme into practice. Confirm your mailing address with one of our colleagues from Customer Care because we will be sending these parcels directly to your door. If you have any questions about this programme that were not included above, you can write to us at

Just £170 per month
(about half the cost of an after-school activity)

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